Crane jib for the Stanislav Yudin

Finally, after 4 months of hard work, the crane jib of the Stanislav Yudin Main crane left the Hollandia premises, ready to be installed on the vessel.
Due to potential future projects Seaway Heavy Lifting has planned an upgrade of the crane jib by introducing a second Main
Hoist (lifting capacity 1200mt) in between the existing Main Hoist and Auxiliary hoist. In addition to that upgrade the Auxiliary Hoist is upgraded to 750mt (initial limitation at 660mt).
Hollandia Scope of Work is divided into the following separated items:
- Fabrication and assembly of the new Jib (at Hollandia premises);
- Replacement of the Jib assembly on board of HLV Stanislav Yudin at Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal, Port of Rotterdam.
- Certification of the upgraded and replaced Jib assembly according DNV Standard for Certification 2.22 Lifting Appliances, edition 2013.

Delivering according schedule was the main challenge during this project. Leadtime was very critical and all resources were needed to maintain the delivery date. On 20-01-2016 the load-out was planned and on that same day Hollandia received an acceptance from Seaway Heavy Lifting and DNV GL to start with the installation phase.
The installation phase takes maximum 28 days at the Rhenus Deep Sea Terminal at the Port of Rotterdam. Scope of work will be, removal of old jib and installation of new jib in cooperation with Sarens who will perform the lifting operations.
On 19 februari 2016 final approval of the installation is planned.

Hollandia showed her capability to handle and collaborate in a very good manner to reach expected delivery dates and maintain clients satisfactory.