Dantysk Offshore Transformer Station

The Strukton-Hollandia Joint Venture has been contracted by DanTysk Offshore Wind for the engineering, procurement, Installation and Commisioning of fully enclosed, sea water cooled 288MW offshore substation. Works has been performed together with JV partner Strukton Systems. Installation is done by Seaway Heavy Lifting.

This offshore substation will transport the power produced by DanTysk's 80 wind turbines to an HVDC converter station which forms part of the Sylwin Clusters' grid connection point. From here the power  will be transported to the mainland via an approx. 210-kilometre-long DC cable and on to the Büttel substation, where it will be fed into the German extra-high voltage grid. The substation will consist of three decks and, as it is located far from the coast, a helicopter landing pad as well as a petrol station.

The Strukton-Hollandia Joint Venture was established in the summer of 2009 by Strukton Systems bv and Hollandia bv with the aim to become a solid and reliable partner for wind farm operators and investors for the turnkey delivery of offshore high voltage substation.

Completion date:

Client: Dan Tysk Offshore Wind GmbH