Stinger CastorOne

Hollandia has been ordered by Saipem to perform the fabrication and outfitting of 3 stinger sections for Saipem new built vessel CastorOne. This external ramp is composed of 3 articulated and adjustable sections (ramp 1,2,3, extension ramp and deckstands). Total length of the stinger 120 m and total weight over 2000 ton.

Upon construction, this new stinger is the largest stinger ever built.

Saipem is actually strengthening its fleet of so-called construction vessels by constructing the new vessel “CastorOne”, a dynamically positioned (DP3) deepwater laying barge for operations in extreme environments. The ships length amounts to 330 m excluding ramp/stinger and helideck, the moulded breadth is 39 m.

Fabrication works on the stinger started with receipt of partly prefabricated pipes, welding procedure qualification, first welding in August 2011 and delivery to Saipem fully outfitted in February 2012. Fabrication was done in a record breaking period of only 6 months!
The stinger was built from S460G2+M tubular members, forged plates up to 400mm thick and built under EEMUA 158 regulations. To accommodate large pieces requiring post weld heat treatment, a temporary furnace has been built on Hollandia yard. Part of the scope was electrical, mechanical and hydraulic outfitting of the stinger. In total over 6000 meter rigid hydraulic pipe has been prefabricated, installed, pressure tested and flushed and over 10.000 meter cable has been installed.

Completion date:

Client: Saipem