“Dynamic Adjuster Test Frame and Pendulum Weight”

In a relative short construction period starting in June 2015 until delivery on October 20, 2015 the project for Huisman Equipment B.V. is ready.

The project "Dynamic-Adjuster Test Frame and Pendulum Weight" comprised the fitting and welding of the steel parts, the filling of the Pendulum with extra heavy concrete, the complex machining of the bearing seats and preservation.
On October 19, 2015 the last parts were loaded for transport over water to Huisman Équipment B.V. in Schiedam.

This system is intended to show potential customers of Huisman Equipment B.V. the drilling tower in a dynamic test situation to convince them that the new concept "Huisman Drilling Tower" can drill faster and more reliable than the existing derricks.
The system consists of the following parts: 2 hydraulic operated supports, the frame, the pendulum weight and 4 supports for placement on the concrete base.

The assembly weighs 240 T with dimensions of ± 10m x 7m x 7m.