New state of the art painting facility

Mid May 2016 the board of Hollandia decided to extend the capacity for shot blasting and painting and to build the new Hall 12.

At the beginning of June the design was presented to the local authorities and permits were requested. Meanwhile procurement for the foundation, construction and installations started and in July the piles were driven into the ground.

Hollandia Structures produced the steel structure and Everest erected the construction and installed the roof and wall cladding.
In November 2016, after a building period of only 4 months, the new blast and paint shop was completed and ready to use!

In the unit structures up to 60m long and 20m wide can be painted. The hall can be divided in 3 separate sections of each 20m.

The completion of this state of the art painting facility in such a short timeframe is another proof of Hollandia’s flexibility and project management capabilities.