Hollandia Offshore Krimpen aan den IJssel

The worlds finest production facilities are located on the grounds of this enormous factory (130.00 m2) and puts us ahead of the competition. The site is equipped with different modern production halls, the latest tools, laser and paint facilities, storage space, a fit out square and dock and offices. 

Fabrication halls 10 and 11 are 40 meters wide and 80 to 100 meter long and can accommodate the fabrication of structures up to 4000 ton. Our factory is conveniently located along the water where the rivers Hollandsche IJssel en the Lek merge into the Nieuwe Maas. Through the Nieuwe Maas we are directly connected to the North Sea.  


Omdat vaktechnische krachten schaars zijn heeft Hollandia in Krimpen a/d IJssel een eigen trainingcenter en worden op de locatie in Heijningen leerlingen on the job opgeleid. Het betreft hier leerlingen van VMBO scholen die in nauwe samenwerking tussen de scholen en Hollandia voor het praktijk- en theoriedeel middels een 3 jarige opleiding worden opgeleid tot constructiebankwerker. Dit op BBL niveau 3.

Production Hall 10

The entire front side can be opened with 3 sliding doors, which makes it possible for large objects to be fabricated in 1 piece (door opening appr. 38x17mtr) and footprint is 38 x 82 mtr (3.116 sqm).

Height from the floor to the cranes in the building is 17 meter. The hall is equiped with 5 lanes with each 5 cranes with capacity 5 ton each. The concrete floor is reinforced with steel stringers enabling most possible accuracy in measurement...

Production Hall 11

The entire front side canbe opened with 3 sliding doors, so large objects can be fabricated in 1 piece (door opening approx. 40 x 30 mtr). The building has a footprint of 40x100 meter.

The Hall is equiped with 2 radio controlled 64 ton cranes and several 5 ton cranes. The height between the floor and the crane is 30 meter and the height of the building is 38 meter.

This building will facilitate appr. 60 to 100 construction workers/wel...

Assembly area

General purpose area of 120x 60 meter used for assembly, storage and load out of structures up to 5000 ton. Permissible ground pressure 10t/m2.

The load out quay accommodates seagoing barges with depth up to 7,6 meter, width 33 meter. There is a separate quay for mooring barges up to 120 meter long.

Lifting and transportation of large items is done by mobile cranes up to 700 ton or sheer legs up to 1500 ton available in Rotterdam area....