Hollandia was established in 1928 as a subsidiary of Amsterdamse Ballast Maatschappij. P.J. Lubbers, CEO since 1930, took over the company in 1955, via a management buy-out. Since 1977 several take overs and mergers took place with Kloos Kinderdijk, Bailey Nieuw Lekkerland, ZNS-companies Fijnaart, Grimbergen Alphen aan den Rijn and Kalmar (Nelcon) Rotterdam. In 2005, Hollandia’s associate companies Bailey and Grimbergen came together with Hollandia under a single roof at the former Van der Giessen-De Noord site at Krimpen aan den IJssel. In 2008, Hollandia and ZNS fully integrated to form Hollandia, with its head office at Krimpen aan den IJssel and with a branch office at Heijningen in the south of the Netherlands.

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Our philosophy

To remain our competitive advantage we emphasize on ‘leadership’. We demonstrate this by exploring the undiscovered path. Not only do we offer day-to-day solutions, we also define answers for tomorrow’s challenges.

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Because Hollandia wants to stay in the lead when it comes to new technology, we invest in employment development and the latest appliances. Our people are Hollandia’s biggest asset and they possess the necessary craftsmanship and latest knowledge in engineering, construction, logistics and maintenance.

Lighter, bigger and more  enduring constructions are now possible thanks to the development of computerized design techniques and state-of-the-art equipment. 


Hollandia would not exist without team performances. Good teamwork requires a culture where everyone, regardless of their background, is inspired to partner together and excel in their work environment. We hope our projects stimulate collaboration and personal development to achieve groundbreaking results.

Hollandia is driven by dedicated team players who share a responsibility to create the perfect environment for  quality outcome. This is in line with integrity, mutual respect and understanding of guidelines. Together we protect the shared interests and targets, as described in our ‘Key values’  document. 

Operational expertise

Every projects comes with a unique range of conditions and contract requirements. Because we increasingly take on projects with a responsibility for the total duration of the project, contract management and cost control, we invest a great deal in the lead-up period. In this preliminary phase, focus lies on a close working relationship between the different disciplines, taking into account the production-, transport possibilities and safety aspects. So when necessary, the practical risks of a project shift from the construction site to the factory.

State of the art facilities

An enormous industrial complex is in progress since 1928. Reminiscence of the past are still tangible on our territory whilst in between the old docks a future is clear: our new fabrication halls 10 and 11 are considered the best in the world.

New technology is costly and investments are only redeemed after a long period of time. However, the benefits are immense: investing in the finest equipment repays itself in higher efficiency and even better quality in our overall production process. It increases our capability and puts us ahead of the competition.

Competitive organisation

Recent changes in the capital market and the rise of material- and energy prices have put pressure on our market position. A shortage in skilled personnel and a growing competition are additional circumstances that require us to take responsibility. This is why we, with our partners and investors build on the growth and development of Hollandia. 

Key values

At Hollandia growth and development can never be at the expense of our shared values. For this reason we defined key values on a short- and long term basis. They encourage everybody to make the most out of themselves and each other. This way Hollandia remains successful in achieving ambitious targets.

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We take our responsibility seriously when it comes to the durability of steel constructions. Under no circumstances do we allow  the quality of our products to be under pressure. 


Safety is a key element to push our aspirations. We take sufficient measures to guarantee a safe working environment and familiarize our employees with the rules and guidelines through training sessions. 


We are conscious of our duty towards the adjacent surroundings of our production- and construction sites and limit nuisances like noise to a minimum. We also try to  stimulate the local economy and employment opportunities where possible. 

Future Generations

Hollandia complies with the national and international standards and agreements. We want to take a lead in the transition to a more sustainable world. 

A safe, healthy and sustainable world of steel

Hollandia is a socially aware organization, playing an active role in building a better world. By doing so, we contribute towards a more sustainable future. We carefully review short- and long term interests in which economical, environmental and social factors are considered in our decision making. Hollandia aims for the right balance between people, planet and profit, to ensure the existence of our organization and wellbeing of our people and future generations.

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Actions speak louder then words

Hollandia has a fully integrated safety- and environmental management system that meets the laws and regulations. Due to our management system we are certified with ISO 1400 and level 5 of the CO2  preformance-ladder whilst regular assessments lead to ongoing improvements. The Hollandia Environmental Plan reveals more about our sustainable program and obligations within the CO2 performance framework. 

Hollandia meets the following national and international standards:

VCA Safety and Environment
OHSAS 18001 (environmental)
ISO 14001 (Environment)
CO2 Performance Ladder
ISO 9001 (Quality)
EN 1090-1 (Quality Steel Construction)
ISO 3834-2
DIN 18800-7 (Quality Steel Construction)
SNS label (quality, Steel Construction + code of conduct)

Value creation

Economical return on our activities have always been an important factor. However, the profitability of a project can not only be expressed in numbers.

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Added value through teamwork

Steel construction is increasingly turning into a cohesion between design and realization. A solid collaboration between the multiple disciplines within Hollandia contributes towards innovation and growth. Teamwork between internal and external partners produced synergy in efficiency and safety. Our chain of suppliers grows with every project, as do our opportunities for future partnerships. 

A rise in knowledge and experience

With every project we learn about new techniques and materials. It are the people working for Hollandia who have the professional skills and latest knowledge to operate at this demanding level. The experience and learnings we acquire with every new project are fundamental for taking on new challenges. 

Building trust & confidence

Our personnel is defined by a modesty for Hollandia’s successes. But at the same time, whenever a finished project is leaving the factory, we feel immensely proud for what we achieved. It lifts our confidence to continuously push the boundaries in steel construction. Every time we live up to our promises, our trusted relationship with the  client grows. And a perfectly delivered project inspires us to embrace new challenges together.