A new world of steel

The most complex and advanced steel constructions in the world are located at sea. The immense economical interests in the offshore industry require extremely reliable installations. High quality materials and specialized welding techniques are necessary to be able to build ever-lasting constructions that continue be safe under any circumstances. 

For generations these are the challenges that inspire us to exceed ourselves. Hollandia Offshore BV regards the highest quality levels as standard. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience we are able to push the boundaries in offshore steel construction. We possess the best possible technology and production facilities, strategically located with an open water connection to the ocean.

We build vast and complex offshore installations, at the same time we can relieve our clients by taking responsibility for the total process. Starting with the initial design, followed by an extensive test phase and finally putting the finished product into operation.

High performance steel structures

Our constructions are becoming more durable and advanced. We continue to invest in our employment developments, technology and production facilities. As a result, our knowledge and practice expands and opportunities grow to deliver more effective and durable solutions for the challenges we encounter tomorrow.

To excel our performances we impose ourselves and our working procedures with the highest requirements. Hollandia Offshore BV takes a leading position in welding high strength steels and is equipped with extensive experience in producing complex welds. We have the facilities to design and realize vast constructions under guarded circumstances.  Utilizing our heritage, Hollandia Offshore has the knowledge for the assembly and fabrication of complex mechanical machinery. 

Oil & Gas

For our clients in the oil- and gas industry, we are an EPIC contractor for the supply of topsides, jackets, and subsea equipment such as PLEM, buoyancy tanks, suction anchors and so on. Our yard includes facilities for prefabrication of piping, and painting, making it in one stop?? shop for our customers.

Wind farms

The need for sustainable substitutes to fossil fuel is growing . The Paris climate change agreement has come into force, but to fulfil the ambitions set out in the agreement a lot of ground needs to be covered. Offshore Wind is a promising source of renewable energy, but for future growth the lifetime costs of Offshore wind farms must be reduced. Hollandia Offshore is determined to be one of the enablers of further cost reduction. We are a proven EPC contractor for offshore transformer stations and transition pieces for Offshore wind farms.

Offshore Equipment

Our heritage for the design and fabrication of the largest moving structures on earth, and our track record in working with high tensile steel give us the knowledge and experience to design and construct essential parts for offshore construction vessel. We supply heavy lift cranes, stingers, J-lay towers, carousels, and jacking- and fixation systems. Taking responsibility for the design and fabrication, we can make optimal use of the potential high strength material, and enables us to deliver products that are unbeatable in quality, performance and reliability.