Hollandia is a versatile company that employs people from different backgrounds. In addition to training and experience, your attitude and character are of course also very important. 

Working at Hollandia offers you lots of chances and opportunities, as long as you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are not afraid of teamwork. 

Whether you are an entry-level worker or an experienced professional, Hollandia offers positions at all levels with plenty of career opportunities and challenging job profiles. 

This page tells you more about the possibilities for traineeships and graduation and you can have a look at the current vacancies.

Develop your talents

Hollandia thinks it is important for members of staff to develop, for you to grow along with your job, towards the next position. That is why we support development and exercise and we look at the future together with you. We pay special attention to the development of talents.

Social trends such as digitalisation, ageing and blurring of boundaries change the market and our clients. Hollandia anticipates this with innovative products and new collaboration methods. In order to remain deployable, you change too: you develop from a professional and a personal point of view. We invest in that, through courses, training, workshops, coaching, career training, etc.

Your future at Hollandia Infra

Hollandia feels it is important and therefore gives you the opportunity to develop in such a way that you enjoy your job, get satisfaction and recognition from it and that your abilities are used to the max. You can also shape your own career. Thanks to a wide and varied organisation, Hollandia offers a host of career opportunities. Every member of staff and his supervisor prepare a personal development plan. This is a plan that sets out specific actions to help you in your development. If you don’t know exactly what you want to do later on in life, a coaching or career process may help you on your way. Taking personal responsibility plays a big role in this.

Due to ageing and a declining number of school leavers, the labour market gets tighter and tighter. That is why Hollandia cherishes its talented members of staff. The mission is to find the right person for the right job at the right time and for the right objective, now and in the future.

Terms of employment

Salary: Hollandia offers a competitive salary. We use two job structures (ISF for salary scales in accordance with the collective agreement, and Hay for salary scales beyond the collective agreement). Thanks to a regular benchmark, we always offer a competitive salary. In addition, Hollandia offers a solid package of fringe benefits.

Collective agreement: Hollandia is affiliated to the collective agreement for the Metals and Electrical Engineering Sector, and days’ holiday and days off in connection with the reduction in working hours scheme are applied in accordance with this collective agreement.

Pension: the pension is administrated by the Pension Fund for the Metals and Electrical Engineering Sector (PME).

Flexible working hours: Employees in certain office positions can enjoy flexible work during the day.

Training centre

Because technical staff is scarce, Hollandia has its own training centre in Krimpen a/d IJssel, and students are trained on the job at the Heijningen site. It concerns pre-vocational secondary education students who, in close collaboration with the schools and Hollandia, receive practical and theoretic training to become welders or assemblers during a two-year process. During his training, a student receives a salary and Hollandia pays for the tuition fees, books, personal protection equipment, etc. Once the student has completed his training and has obtained his diploma, he is offered a job.  For more information or to apply, please send an e-mail to werken@hollandia.biz

University (of applied sciences)

In order to bring higher technical education and the business sector closer together, Hollandia has built up close ties with various universities (of applied sciences). Hollandia offers students plenty of opportunities to take a traineeship or graduation place. Excursions and workshops are organised on a regular basis and Hollandia takes part in training programmes of the educational institutes through guest lectures organised by Hollandia members of staff. For more information or to apply, please send an e-mail to werken@hollandia.biz

Traineeships and graduation

Hollandia offers students plenty of traineeship and graduation opportunities. This enables you to gain experience and you are introduced to the culture, innovative approach and professional members of staff of Hollandia.

Hollandia offers traineeships in various disciplines and business units throughout the year. There are traineeship and graduation opportunities for upper secondary vocational, higher professional education and university students who are in their final or penultimate study year in the following degree programmes:

Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics at higher professional education level

A traineeship at Hollandia is the ideal way to gain experience and secure a job. At the end of your traineeship or graduation period we evaluate your traineeship and we discuss specific job and career opportunities with you. If you are enthusiastic about Hollandia and the feeling is mutual, chances are we will offer you a job after you have graduated.

There are no open vacancies at this moment.