2013: Structural changes at Hollandia

The various Business Units continued as independent private limited companies (so-called BVs) on 1 January 2014. Hollandia became a strong alliance of multiple independently operating business units.

- Hollandia Systems
- Hollandia Services
- Hollandia Structures
- Hollandia Offshore
- Hollandia Infra

2010: Development Schaardijk site

Between 2008 and 2010, a lot of effort was made to bring the Schaardijk site in Krimpen aan de IJssel into line with modern standards. The highlight was the construction of two new, modern production units. It increased our capacity and gave us a competitive position on the market.

2010: Samuel Beckett Bridge

The Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin was awarded with the 2010 National Steel Award.

2005: Acquisition of Giessen De Noord site

Hollandia took over the site and production units from Giessen de Noord, in order to continue to prepare itself for the future. In terms of location and size, this site was extremely suitable for large, complex structures.

2004: Swiss RE building

The Swiss RE offices in London were awarded with the 2004 National Steel Award.

2002: ING House

The ING House on the south axis in Amsterdam was awarded with the 2002 National Steel Award.

2001: Incorporation of S3C Holding with ZNS

Hollandia and Zuid Nederlandse Staalbouw entered into a joint venture in order to secure a strong national and international market position.

2001: Takeover of Bailey and Grimbergen

Hollandia took over Bailey and Grimbergen to secure a larger market area.

2000: London Eye

The London Eye in London was awarded with the 2000 National Steel Award.

1998: Maeslantkering

The Maeslantkering in Hook of Holland was awarded with the 1998 National Steel Award.

1983: Willemsbrug

The Willemsbrug in Rotterdam was awarded with the 1983 National Steel Award.

1978: Takeover of Kloos

In 1978, Hollandia took over Kloos, a steel business. This created a company called Hollandia Kloos.

1955: Incorporation Keizerveer site

Incorporation at the Keizersveer site by the then owner, Mr P.J. Lubbers.

1935: First bridge

Hollandia constructed its first bridge in 1935.

1928: Incorporation

The business is incorporated as a bolts and nuts plant in 1928.